Sunday, August 30, 2009

uniten's survival camp :)

29ogos2009,adew survival camp kat uniten..supposed smua foundation student kna take part..supposed aku nye klaz pown take part gak la..dlm survival camp ni kitowg kne present video n decorate booth..mmg last minute pnye la..shari sblom real day competition kitowg pnye group bwoo nk trhegeh2 nk siapkn presentation smua..termasokla aku n azreen n siapkn booth..but kitowg hav no idea how to decorate the mmg simple la kitowg wat..ntah ape2 gk lpas ltak laptop n speaker,booth kitowg x la sekosong group laen sgt la proud 2w be 1 of da members of my group..good job 2w all boys yg trlibat..

CREW2 yaNg tErLibAt :

Our BoOtH :)

tnx to all Zcrew :)